TERMS AND CONDITIONS for “UNLOCK THE MAGIC” (the “Competition”). These terms (the “Terms”) should be read with our general competition terms at: http://www.bauerlegal.co.uk/radio-competition-terms.html which also apply to this Competition.


Contestants must scan as many Mickey Mouse stickers as possible using the website www.unlockthemagic.co.uk. All Mickeys will be found inside Metrocentre and Metrocentre bus station. A reward will be unlocked once the contestant scans the required amount of Mickeys. There will be four rewards available to unlock in total. These rewards will be ready to redeem once the contestant has scanned the number of Mickeys needed to unlock the reward.

Rewards will be unlocked at the following benchmarks: 10, 30, 50 & 70.

Rewards are subject to availability and limited quantities may apply. Rewards will be left in the ‘rewards’ section for 7 days before they expire. Once a reward is unlocked you can redeem the reward by clicking the ‘redeem now’ button. You will have 1 hour from clicking this button before it expires.

Once the contestant scans 100 Mickeys they go into the draw to win a voucher of up to £2500 to use towards a family holiday to Disneyland Paris. There will be one holiday to Disneyland Paris and the contestant will receive one entry into the draw to win the Disneyland Paris holiday once they have scanned 100 Mickeys. They will receive an extra entry into the draw for every 50 Mickeys they scan after 100. There are 300 Mickeys in total. Therefore they will receive an entry at 100, 150, 200, 250 & 300 Mickeys (5 possible entries into the draw). All valid entries will be pooled and the winner of the Disneyland Paris holiday will be chosen by electronic random draw on Monday 6th September 2021.

We will also draw five separate winners from those who have scanned 10 Mickeys or more to each win a family pass to Disney On Ice held at Utilita Arena, Newcastle this Autumn. One winner will be chosen by electronic random draw every week for five weeks. Winners will be drawn on 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th August.

Entry Platforms and Costs

Online at www.unlockthemagic.co.uk. Online entry is free.

Contestants will need a smartphone to enter. The software within the website works across all makes and models of smartphones with a working camera which is compatible to read QR codes and access to internet. Most smart phones are compatible to read QR codes. However iPhones which are older than an iPhone 7 may have issues, as older iPhones aren't compatible to scan QR codes. However any device with a webcam will scan a QR code which includes laptops and tablets. You must authorise the website to access your camera to enable contestants to scan Mickeys using a QR reader functionality.

WIFI is free within Metrocentre which is accessed whilst inside Metrocentre. Or use your own data allowance.

An account must be created in order to play, which requires your first name, last name, email address and password. Alternatively, entrants can log in through their Facebook account.

Rewards may require purchase in order to redeem.


Start Date and End Date. From 9am Monday 26th July (the “Start Date) to 5pm Sunday 5th September 2021 (the “End Date”).

Entries received before the Start Date or after the End Date will be invalid. Rewards cannot be redeemed after the End Date.


  • Open to UK residents aged 18 years or over on date of entry.
  • Both Bauer Radio Limited and Metrocentre employees (and their family members) or employees of any company involved in the Competition, incl. the Prize Provider, must not enter.
  • We reserve the right to disqualify any entrant or winner who does not comply with any of the eligibility criteria and/or is in breach of these Terms. We reserve the right to repeat the competition mechanic or any stage of it in order to draw a winner that fulfils all of the eligibility criteria and is in compliance with these Terms.


Retail rewards

Retailer rewards will be held on www.unlockthemagic.co.uk – T&Cs applicable for each of these rewards can be found on this website under the ‘rewards’ tab. The reward details and T&Cs will only be visible once the user ‘unlocks’ the reward by scanning the appropriate amount of Mickeys needed. Rewards can’t be redeemed after the campaign End Date and retailers have the right to withdraw rewards at any time.

Bauer Radio Limited and/or Metrocentre are not responsible for any aspect of the retail prizes, including unsatisfactory quality or late delivery or a prize winner being unable to take up any aspect, or the entirety of the prize due to their own circumstances or restrictions. Terms and conditions of the retailers will be applicable to the rewards in addition to these Terms.

Disneyland Paris holiday voucher

One voucher of up to £2500 for a family trip to Disneyland Paris (the “Holiday Prize”) will be awarded to one winner. The winner will receive the voucher from the Promoter, and it is the winner’s responsibility to redeem the voucher with Hays Travel and book the holiday. The winner will have one calendar month from the moment of notification of winning to redeem the voucher and book the holiday. For avoidance of doubt, the winner will be able to pick a date of choice for the holiday (subject to availability).

The voucher may not be used in connection with any other products and promotions offered by Hays Travel and expires in its entirety the moment the winner books a Disneyland Paris family holiday with Hays Travel. If the price of the holidays booked by the winner exceeds £2500, the winner will be responsible to contribute the difference. If the price of the holidays booked by the winner is below £2500, the voucher will be used in its entirety and the winner will not be able to use it in the future including for any holiday upgrades booked at a later date with Hays Travel or when re-booking the holiday.

Winner Announcement – The winner will be contacted via email after the End Date. We will attempt to contact the winner via email several times for one week from Monday 6th September – Sunday 12th September. If the winner does not answer or email us back by 12th September we will draw another winner via random electronic draw.

The Holiday Prize is provided by Hays Travel. Bauer Radio Limited and/or Metrocentre are not responsible for any aspect of the Holiday Prize, including unsatisfactory quality or late delivery or a Prize winner being unable to take up any aspect, or the entirety of the Holiday Prize due to their own circumstances or restrictions. Terms and conditions of the prize provider will be applicable to the Holiday Prize in addition to these Terms at haystravel.co.uk.

The winner will be responsible for ensuring that they and their guests have a valid, in-date passport for travelling and are also responsible for securing and paying for any and all visas required for travel. The winner will also be responsible for sourcing and paying for any vaccinations or other medical provisions required for travel, for both them and their guests.

Travel insurance is not included as part of the Holiday Prize (unless otherwise stated) and is the responsibility of the Prize winner and any of their guests to secure and to pay for.

It is the Prize winner’s responsibility to ensure that they (and any of their guests) are fit, well and able to travel. We reserve the right to withdraw the prize from a Prize winner and re-award the prize to another entrant where health reasons or concerns prevent a Prize winner (or any of their guests) from taking up the Holiday Prize.

Disney On Ice tickets

5 winners will receive 4 tickets for a Disney On Ice show at Utilita Arena in Newcastle for a date of choice (subject to availability) (the “Ticket Prize”). For avoidance of doubt, this means that there will be up to 20 tickets in total awarded in the Competition.

Winner Announcement – Each winner will be contacted via email each week on the day following the draw. We will attempt to contact the winner via email several times for one week from the moment of initial notification. If the winner does not answer or email us back by the 7th day following the draw, we will draw another winner via random electronic draw.

The Ticket Prize is provided by Disney On Ice. Bauer Radio Limited and/or Metrocentre are not responsible for any aspect of the Ticket Prize, including unsatisfactory quality or late delivery or a Prize winner being unable to take up any aspect, or the entirety of the Ticket Prize due to their own circumstances or restrictions. Terms and conditions of the prize provider will be applicable to the Ticket Prize in addition to these Terms.

Any of the venue or events own applicable terms and conditions will also apply to this prize. Please check with the venue and/or event organiser as appropriate to check their own terms and conditions, rules and policies which shall apply.

Unless expressly stated otherwise, travel to and from the event/venue, any accommodation or the cost of any spending money, food, drink or any other sustenance is not included in the Ticket Prize and a Prize winner and any of their guests shall be responsible for bearing the cost of any such additional expenses incurred in taking up the Ticket Prize.

Under 18s are permitted with the supervision of a parent or guardian.

It is the responsibility of the winner to inform the prize provider of any special requirements or adjustments which need to be made for any person attending the event as a Prize winner, or as their guest, and to adhere to any applicable health and safety guidelines issued by the event and/or venue

Conditions applicable to all prizes

All prizes including the retailer rewards may be subject to change or cancellation due to Covid-19 restrictions and government guidelines.

It is the winner and their party’s responsibility adhere to the health and safety regulations imposed by the retailers or the Prize Provider.

Prizes are non-transferable, non-refundable and no cash alternative will be offered.


DATA PROTECTION. Names and email addresses will be collected and used to process entries. Winner’s details may be given to the prize provider to arrange delivery of the prize. Your details may remain stored after the End Date but will not be used for marketing unless you have ticked an opt-in box on entry. If you have, your details will be used in accordance with the information given when you ticked the opt-in box and gave your consent. For more details, see: http://www.bauerdatapromise.co.uk/ and https://themetrocentre.co.uk/privacy-policy.

Data collected includes first name and surname (for leader board and competition entry), email address (for log in, contact and competition entry) password (for log in details), birth date (to ensure only those aged 18 or over enter the competition), postcode (for evaluation purpose only) opt in status (for Metrocentre marketing consent), each QR code scanned and date and time (for competition element – this data of the QR code is purely for the logistics of running the competition) and the level of rewards unlocked and usage status (for competition element). Entry status into each prize and last login date to send notification after 5 days inactivity (for competition element).

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND CONSENTS. By entering this Competition, you are consenting to our use of your entry both to publicise this Competition, our radio station or any other radio station which we own or control. This means that we may use all names, images, descriptions, photographs video footage, and other information, which you’ve submitted on entry, in any media, without paying you and without any time restriction. You also agree that we may film, record or photograph you in connection with the competition and /or the Prize (if you win!). We will own these films, recordings or photographs and we may use them publicly, including on the internet, for our radio broadcasts and/or for any promotional purposes. You will also have waived any moral rights or right to payment that you may have had.


If Metrocentre closes due to a government lockdown, the competition will be paused and reinstated once the centre reopens and is able to safely carry out the Competition. This will mean the competition closing date may change. Retailers may choose to extend the deadline to redeem a reward at their own discretion. The winners of the Disneyland Paris holiday and Disney On Ice tickets will be contacted at a later date.

Entries that don’t comply with These terms will not be accepted and you may be disqualified if we think you have breached them.

If there is a dispute about the operation of the Competition or correctness of any answers given, our decision is final and no discussion will be entered into on this subject.

You may be disqualified if you are likely to offend, intoxicated or have any known convictions which may prohibit you from flying or entering Disneyland Paris Hotel or Parks.

As far as it is lawful to do so, we exclude our liability for any losses suffered in connection with the Competition / the prizes.

We may cancel / amend / end / suspend the Competition if we need to do so due to circumstances outside our control.

CONTACT DETAILS. Any concerns? Please email: Leona.hession@bauermedia.co.uk. Concerns won’t be considered if made more than 14 days after the date the winner is announced.

Bauer Radio Limited is the Promoter of this Competition, see: http://www.bauerlegal.co.uk/radio-website-terms.html for details of our registered office and company number.


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