Stop smoking with QE Gateshead

We at QEF Outpatient Pharmacy are happy to bring our dedicated smoking cessation team to the Metrocentre to offer a wide range of support and information for anyone who feels they need it.

We aim to offer sound, non-judgmental, realistic advice to any person that feels smoking is affecting their lives. We intend, not to bore you with the stereotypical medical jargon, but to have relatable conversations to help YOU change your life by quitting smoking.

Staff and shoppers alike are welcome to come and see us at any time; no appointment needed and we are able to provide private consultations also, just ask!

Our smoking cessation programme has one of the highest success rates in Gateshead and we offer both telephone and face to face appointments during the 12 week course as well as FREE delivery of all nicotine replacement therapies. There's never a better time to quit and every quit attempt is closer to a smoke free you.

We look forward to seeing you at the Community Hub in upper Green Mall between 11am - 6pm.