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Metrocentre Community

Environmental, Social and Governance Roundup

MetroCENTRE of the Community

Environmental, Social and Governance Roundup

For over 35 years Metrocentre has been a partner and a neighbour to local people, providing jobs, skills and employment opportunities.

We care about our community and the environment and strive to ensure that our activities impact positively on them.

Here are some of our highlights from the last year:

Tackling the Climate Emergency:

  • £3.1m solar project - Work has recently completed on an ambitious project to ensure a more sustainable future for Metrocentre with the installation of over 3,576 rooftop and solar car port panels. The unique project, which received funding for 50% of the total project cost from the European Regional Development Fund, is equivalent in size to 72 football pitches laid end to end.
  • Over 100 new EV charging points – Over 100 EV chargers have been installed in 2023 with plans in place to increase this to 174 in 2024.
  • £50,000 investment into our Green Travel Plan – We are undertaking a number if improvement to the cycle path which serves Metrocentre along Keelman’s Way by implementing new paving, cleaning the pathways and adding additional lighting to make a cleaner, safer environment for those cycling to Metrocentre. We have also invested in new cycle shelters and improved our shower facilities for anyone cycling to work.

Delivering Community and Social Value:

  • Metrocentre Community Hub – Located in the upper Green Mall the Hub is a space available to hire by local organisations, businesses and charities for activities which promote health fitness, wellbeing or employability initiatives. In 2022 the Hub facilitated four job fairs and 30 retailer recruitment event which resulted in 360 gaining employment. Over 815 hours worth of bookings have been taken up by a range of occupiers from autism support groups to mental health charities, yoga to cancer prehabilitation
  • 160 School Children Engaged – Over the last year 160 school children have been engaged in careers and employability initiatives

Working in Partnership

  • Northumbria Police Partnership – Accessibility to an operational police team that understands the retail sector for public safety and safeguarding.
  • £40,000 raised for local charities – In 2022 11 local charities were supported via various fundraising initiatives from the annual Poppy Appeal to the Marie Curie Gift Wrap station.

Best in Practice Operation

  • Green Apple Award – The centre has won the coveted Green Apple award in both 2022 and 2023 for a variety of environmental projects.
  • Sceptre Award – The centre received a prestigious Sceptre Award for ‘Sustainability Initiative of the Year’ for the Solar and EV charging project.
  • 100% waste diverted from landfill – Working alongside Veolia Metrocentre recycles 50% of the waste generated on site and the remainder is diverted from landfill into other more environmentally friendly initiatives. Food waste is segregated for anaerobic on site and sent for anaerobic digestion before being converted into clean, green energy that can be used for things such as powering vehicles and homes.
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Environmental - Tackling the Climate Emergency

Our aim is to achieve net zero carbon from Scope 1, 2, 3 emissions by 2050 and to deliver net zero operations (Scope 1 and 2) by 2020. Target to achieve a 40% reduction in gas on baseline year by 2025

Social Value - Working in Partnership to deliver Community & Social Value

We are committed to supporting projects in line with the local needs of our surrounding communities. This includes education, skills and training / employment and income deprivation / health outcomes

Governance - Best Practice in Operations

We are committed to developing internal policies and processes to identify, assess, reduce and manage Environmental, Social and Governance risks. We will have in place an ESG Committee and Governance Structure to ensure accountability for the delivery of the Sustainability Action Plan.