EV CHARGING POINTS Check where to charge your electric vehicle

Electric Vehicle Charging Points powered by Hubsta

You will find our electric vehicle charging points in the following location:

  • Green external car park
  • Yellow multi-storey car park Level 3
  • Metroasis (on Electric Blue network)

How to set up Hubsta:

1. Download the Hubsta app to your phone.

2. After the welcome message, please share your location with the app. A map will then load.

3. Select the 3 lines icon on the left hand side of the address box to load the main menu. Then login or register.

4. Enter your info to set up your account.

5. You will then receive a prompt to set up a contract - your method of charging. Until you receive your fob, any charging will be through the app.

6. Select Hubsta Basic Rates. If prompted, choose Hubsta postpaid. Enter your name on 'Detailed Information' page.

7. You should then receive your welcome email from Hubsta which contains a direct debit set up link. 

8. Once Hubsta receives this, they will send a complimentary RFID fob within 5 working days.

Read more about Metrocentre's partnership with Hubsta.

Need help and support?

Do you have questions about Hubsta? Or maybe you're experiencing a user error whilst charging your vehicle? The team at Hubsta will be happy to help you with any questions you have.

For any further help or information on Hubsta's Electric Vehicle charging points, please contact them on the details below:

24/7 support helpline:

0800 954 0091

You may also email your non-urgent queries to info@hubsta.co.uk and they will respond to you during their office hours. Their office hours are Monday to Friday 8:30am - 5pm only.



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