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Find out how to make your trip easier

Find out how to make your trip easier.

We understand that visiting a shopping centre can be a daunting experience for some of our customers with hidden disabilities such as autism, dementia or those who need extra assistance, so we’re adding in new ways to help your visit and experience.

Sunflower Lanyards

Like most public buildings, we understand the importance behind the sunflower lanyard as we recognise not all disabilities are visible. Our staff are are trained to help, support, listen, and recognise that you may need that extra bit of time in our shops too. To help us identify those who have hidden disabilities such as autism, please ensure you have your sunflower lanyard visible. 

Assistance dogs

Like most public buildings, Metrocentre welcomes assistance dogs in the centre.  If your dog does not wear a high-vis jacket or harness, it is sometimes difficult for our staff to recognise the difference between assistance dogs and pets, which are not allowed in our centres.

To ensure a smooth shopping trip and make it easier for our staff to identify assistance dogs, we recommend that your assistant dog is wearing a sunflower-design lead sleeve during the visit. This simple lead sleeve simply slides over your dog’s lead and enables our staff to identify your dog as an assistance dog whilst you are shopping with us.

Our terms and conditions for assistance dogs are:

• will not wander freely around the premises

• will sit or lie quietly on the floor next to their owner

• are unlikely to foul in a public place

• access to assistance dogs is on a one dog per handler basis