About Doppio Malto

Doppio Malto are currently closed due to a broken extraction unit.

Doppio Malto is a happy place for happy people where you can discover good beer, authentic Italian food with a twist and great company.

Our venues are designed to host any kind of occasion at any given moment: from large-scale business lunches to an intimate cocktail party with friends, the venue is geared up to host all and any-size of event, including late-night soirees with beer tastings and live music.

Our Doppio Malto breweries in Italy are located in Erba and Iglesias and they produce over 15 different types of beers along with various seasonal ones. To allow them to be suited for all occasions we carry out continuous research and accurately select the best raw materials, while meticulously testing them to showcase our beers character.

Please Note: Kitchen closes Sunday -Thursday at 9:30pm, Friday -Saturday at 10pm.

Doppio Malto accepts Metrocentre gift cards.

Opening Times

  1. Today Closed
  2. Monday Closed
  3. Tuesday Closed
  4. Wednesday Closed
  5. Thursday Closed
  6. Friday Closed
  7. Saturday Closed

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