Metrocentre supports visitors to drive electric with new electric vehicle charge points.

  • As a pledge to EV drivers of the UK, Metrocentre have replaced old electric vehicle (EV) chargers with new, future-proofed models.
  • National charging experts, Elmtronics who are based in Durham, have supported Metrocentre to upgrade their old equipment.

Metrocentre, which attracts 20 million shoppers each year, has partnered with EV charging experts Elmtronics, to replace outdated electric vehicle chargers with brand new models connected to the MER charging network.

As figures show that the market share of plug-in vehicles has risen nationally to 13.8% of all registrations this year, we wanted to ensure that the ever-growing number of EV drivers can charge whilst they shop.

Metrocentre was one of the first destinations in the North East to provide electric vehicle charging for their visitors with charge points on-site since 2012. As technology has improved, it was our desire to upgrade the outdated equipment which were no longer providing a reliable service to visitors. Replacing the legacy chargers with brand new equipment, alongside a comprehensive maintenance package, ensures a dependable charging infrastructure for shoppers.

With visitors spending an average of 2hrs in the shopping centre, they can charge with confidence, returning to their car with vital miles added to their range.

The brand new dual chargers will be installed in the yellow and green car parks. This is part of Metrocentre’s plan to encourage sustainable travel to the destination which includes a longer-term roll-out of charging infrastructure in the future.

Gavin Prior, Centre Director, commented: “The installation of the new charging points will help us future-proof the provision of charging units at the Centre. As electric car ownership increases it is important that we continue to invest in our EV infrastructure to meet demand.

“We are currently in negotiations to significantly increase the provision of charging units and will announce details of our new solar charging project in the coming months. These projects are an integral part of our long-term strategy for the centre which focusses on sustainability and our place in the community.”

Dan Martin, CEO of Elmtronics, comments on the partnership “We are proud to be working with one of the largest retail centres in the UK, offering the centre a long-term solution to ensure that the growing number of EV drivers will be able to charge with confidence whilst visiting the centre.

“As the 2030 new petrol and diesel ban is approaching, we are working with many brands to build on the UK’s charging infrastructure, supporting sustainable drivers on the road. We look forward to continuing to work with Metrocentre and like-minded centres to pave the way for a carbon-neutral future.”

MER, the intelligent charging network supplied by Elmtronics allows EV drivers to charge with ease using their RFID cards. Thanks to the roaming partner networks, drivers using MER can access up to 55,000 chargers worldwide. Using the MER management portal, Metrocentre will be able to have access to 24/7 support and monitor their chargers usage with live status of availability.

Drivers wishing to access the posts can download the MER app or use one of the access cards of the network’s roaming partners which includes Octopus Energy’s Electric Juice and Ionity.

Find out more details about the Electric Charging service.