Dining at Metrocentre has never been easier for the little ones! Whether you’re feeling a feast fit for a Royal family or want something quick as you can’t wait to get stuck in with the fun!

We’ll have you stuffed in no time with our recommendations:


Wagamama are here to welcome your little noodlers. Slurp your way through a mini ramen + sip on some fresh juices. There’s no need to book. Just head on down to the bench. Katsu soon!

Slim Chickens

The food at Slim Chicken’s is im-peck-able... Sorry, we could go on with these jokes, but we’ve chickened out. You on the other hand will not be chickened out with Slim Chickens, their mouthwatering dishes are perfect for the roosters, chickens, and even the little chicks. Their Kid’s Tender meal is perfect to keep them cluckin’.

Pop by Slim Chickens coop and taste some life changing chicken.

Doppio Malto

Tuck in Bambini, you are always welcome at a Happy Place. Doppio Malto, brings to you Italian food with a twist! Your Bambini may feel a little adventurous and try the chicken breast tagliata, or keep it simple with a margherita pizza or a beef burger. Regardless of what they choose, they will leave Doppio Malto, well and truly happy!

Bring your happy family to a happy place to be seated


Say goodbye to hangry kids! As you enjoy your sushi and Japanese hot favourites, your little ones can tuck into YO!’s Mini Ninja children's menu! Every kid's meal comes with a side of popping edamame beans. And don't forget to check the back of the menu for puzzles, quizzes and stuff to draw while your little ninjas are waiting on some exotic foods!

No need to book, simply grab a seat at YO!